Lazy Eye 3D Therapy Blocks

App features

  • Cutting edge lazy eye treatment

    You will need a pair of traditional red/cyan(blue) 3D glasses to use with this application. It isn't a 3D game, but the red and blue filters force the eyes to work together as only one eye can see the red falling blocks and one eye will see the blocks after they land and turn blue.

  • Wait, I need 3D glasses?

    Yes, you will need a pair of 3D glasses. They are reasonably priced and are available at several sources on eBay or, if you buy them from us below we will send them to you with free shipping (in North America). If you don't buy them from us, just make sure you purchase Red/Cyan (blue) glasses.

  • No patching required

    iCStraight applications allow treatment without patching. This is important as it works on the binocular performance of the two eyes requiring them to work together in a fun and entertaining way. Always check with your optometrist or ophthalmologist before discontinuing their recommendations.


Buy 3D Glasses

Description: High quality plastic. Red/Blue 3D glasses. Optically corrected for viewing on devices like your iPhone or iPad. (Currently we can only ship to the United States)
Description: Clip these 3D lenses onto your regular glasses. Same low price as our regular 3D glasses. (Currently we can only ship to the United States)

About Us

Amblyopia effects about 5% of the population, including my 13 year old daughter. After years of trying various, traditional techniques without success, I began to research new techniques. I was excited to read about new techniques that were having major success in University research programs. Unfortunately, these new techniques haven't been made available to the general public. Lazy Eye Therapy Blocks was created to bring this exciting new treatment to the public.

I am a software engineer, not a doctor and I certainly can't guarantee that this application is going to improve or cure any particular persons medical condition. What I can say is that I have put hundreds of hours of testing with several amblyopia patients with great success. Before using this application discuss it with your optometrist or ophthalmologist.

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